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I’m mad at Yahoo!

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The tried and true Yahoo! email service has failed me! After six years of NEVER, let me repeat NEVER having a problem, I go to check my mail early this morning, and it says something like “error code1.” As I am writing this, and I think very hard about it, it seems like I have seen an error code or two in the past, but it has never lasted longer than about 30 seconds. I literally have not been able to check my email all day long, and this could be a HUGE problem. I receive email daily that is important. I HAVE to be able to get to my mail, so you could see how this would be a huge problem. So, if you are reading this, please pray that my email gets up and running, and quick! 

In other news, I talked to my buddy Ryan Fitzgerald today, and it looks like I am going to be leading worship again at Tapestry Church. So, if you are at Tapestry and reading this, I look forward to worshiping with you guys again. 

Well, not too much going on other than that. Since Susan and I have moved down here, slowly but surely God seems to be opening some doors for us. I am playing at Buckhead Church’s extreme in a few weeks, and am looking forward to meeting some new players. I’ll be updating my MySpace page tomorrow, so you can see what’s coming up. 

That’s all for now, so have a great day!

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Conviction, magic, and steel guitars

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Just a few of the words that describe my Sunday. Explain that title, you say? Well, here goes

Con·vic·tion- (kən-ˈvik-shən) Function:noun

1: the act or process of convicting of a crime especially in a court of law 2a: the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth b: the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth3 a: a strong persuasion or belief b: the state of being convicted.
So,let me put this in the proper context for you so that you can understand where I am coming from. You see, I am a Christian, which means I have an eternal (forever) lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. My personal belief is that his death on the cross paid for all the sins that I have ever committed or ever will commit. (Ok just bear with me a second, I’m not going totally old school here.) So, if Jesus paid a price for my sins, then that means I was bought for a price, and I owe a debt that I can never repay. So, what does that mean? My relationship with God is not something I earned or deserved. I can never be anything great on my own merit. For me to be anything, (or anything that God called me to be) I have to accept the gift of salvation, or in better tearms, enter the relationship with my heavenly father that God has called me to. (Yes, God really did draw me to him) So what does this have to do with conviction? When we accept God’s gift of Salvation (Which by the way wasn’t free, there was definitely a cost, we just didn’t pay it, and there is even more of a cost. Paul refers to it as picking up your cross and following Jesus,) the holy spirit lives inside of our soul, and points out stuff in our life that has no place being there. That is conviction. You know, that feeling deep inside when you let the guy who cut you off in traffic absolutely have it! Or, when you go to that site, and look at that thing you know you shouldn’t look at. Or what about those things you do when no one else is around, that you can manage to forget about, yet if everyone knew about you would be horribly ashamed? Conviction. CONVICTION. Don’t run from it, embrace it! It’s of God. Should we live in guilt? No, but can it be a good thing? ABSOLUTELY!! So if we were having this conversation face to face, I fel like your next question would be “Josh, what is it that YOU’VE been convicted about?” at which point I would look at you and say “Well gee freakin thanks for asking me that on my blog where the whole world can read it!!” (Just kidding, sort of.) You wanna know what I’ve been convicted of? Well here goes. The things I say when no one is around. The way I address my wife when I lose patience. The illusion that I display when I’m in front of the cool kids. My “cuss words” that “really aren’t that bad, because after all, who made them bad?” ) To me, that’s kind of like asking the question “who told you that you were naked?” My challenge to you is that you would not run from conviction, but that you would embrace it. Step into the light. Step out into that place that God wants you to live. Jeff henderson said it correctly when he said that (and I paraphrase) “God didn’t come to die for the illusion of you, he came to die for the real you.”
2.) Magic and steel guitars- At North Point yesterday, I saw one of my good friends, Earl South, do some great stage magic. Actually, have a look at this freak of nature for yourself:
As far as the steel guitars are concerned, another good friend of mine, Jeremy Moyers played steel guitar in the worship set yesterday at Buckhead church. You can check him out at
Well, that’s about all I’ve got for today. Would you mind leaving me a comment and telling me something that God has convicted you about?
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I freakin hate Starbucks.

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Well, no not really. It’s actually a horrible addiction for me. Do they have Starbucks anonymous? I could sure use it. Truth be told, I don’t have the money to be buying anything at Starbucks right now. We’re on a tight budget, so when Susan reads this, I am pretty much dead meat. (She’ll actually know before she reads this post, I would never hide anything from my wife. Seriously.) Anyways, if you get a chance, they have some great new fall specials, and you should check them out! The one I got tonight was their “signature” hot chocolate. It rocks! Question- what new things has become your guilty pleasure lately? 

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My first video blog

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They’ve done it again.

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Well, as many of you may know, North Point Community Church is one of the most influential churches in America. They never cease to amaze me on what they do. I have kept up with them for a long time, but have been attending there for almost a month and a half. In this time, I have some new perceptions about North Point. (Don’t worry, they are good) I never had any bad perceptions about them, in fact, I have always been amazed and inspired. But being down here every Sunday, constantly hearing vision casted through messages and other various sources, I have been educated on what NOrth Point is really about. 

Contrary to popular belief, North Point is not looking to just put themselves on the leadership map, or the top ten edgy churches list. Their goal is just to reach people in their community. Their mission is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. When they do the things they do, they don’t set out to be the edge church, or see how far they can push the envelope before someone gets pissed off. They do it because they care about engaging people who don’t go to church. They do it, because they are not focused on their needs or desires, but what is going to impact their people.

This morning, they did one of the coolest openers I have ever seen. My bro, Big Snow performed Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen.” This is part of their new series called illusions. Wow! Check it out below:

In other news, I am still working here part time:

I am building this on the side:

Any questions?

My question for you: What’s kept you busy lately?

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WOW!!! Exited!

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Well, Susan and I found out this week two very wonderful things:

1.) Susan got a second interview.

2.) I am playing keys at a church called Buckhead church. WOW!

We were so exited that we invited some friends over. The celebration got so out of hand that we decided to film it:

Funny how that in no way resembles anyone speaking in tongues. Hmmm……


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OK, don’t kill me

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Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No I’m not dead. No I’m not lazy. Just trying to do a little re=prioritization. I would invite you to check out to look at some of the things that I have been discussing lately. Have a good day, and I will post again when I get through running the morning’s errands. 



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