And thus begins a new chapter in my life.

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To my friends, family, my old church family at Pinnacle, I am asking for your prayers. Today begins a new and exiting chapter in my life. I will be doing the very thing that I didn’t want to do after I moved to Atlanta. Today, I re-enter the full time work force.  Not at a church or with a band, but with a Marketing firm here in Atlanta, Dynamic Marketing Concepts. Many of you know that I moved to Atlanta five months ago with the hope and desire of playing music full time. Apart from the will of God, there have been a few different things that have inhibited this from happening. First and foremost, I think it’s the economy. As a keyboard player, I am usually the first thing to get cut from a band, and the last thing to get added. Secondly, I haven’t been apart of the church I go to now for very long- 5 months; the time we have been down here. My church is intentional about creating great environments and using the best talent that they have at their disposal. Being that I just haven’t been there a super long time, as other players have, I haven’t received many chancess to play or lead worship yet, but opportunities are always growing. Some of you know also that I have been approached by a church to be their worship pastor. This is something that I am still considering, but God has not brought clarity to the situation yet, therefore, Susan and I haven’t moved yet. We are quite content serving where we are. Don’t forget also, that there was a chance that I could get a call back from Richie McDonald to play with him, but this too didn’t happen.

So you wonder… If I were asked by someone, anyone, “Josh, do you think you failed? Do you think you made a bad move by leaving your comfort zone and everything you knew to move somewhere to take a chance and doing what you love full time?” To that I would say absolutely not. I don’t believe I have failed. A pastor that I respect very greatly, Pastor Steven Furtick,  said this- “It’s better to take a risk and fail, than to never take that jump, and wonder what could have been.” (That’s a Josh Fowler paraphrase.) So, I do not think that I have failed at all. I think that God is not through with me, and in some ways, he may be just beginning. Am I going to be doing the thing that I am MOST passionate about for a little while? No. At least not on a full time basis. Am I going to be learning a lot, and continue to be shaped daily by my creator? Absolutely! My journey in music and ministry isn’t over, and in fact, I’ll still be doing it part time with a few outside engagements a year. Right now, though, I have to focus on paying off debt. Debt is what has inhibited me from being able to do music in a full time capacity. Take note- God’s word isn’t messing around when it says that “The borrower is slave to the lender. You cannot serve both God and money.” It’s true, and nothing reenforces that point more that when you don’t have any work, but the bills still continue to pile up. Sometimes when you do something risky, you have to be able to not make any money sometimes, and be OK with it. Unfortunately in many ways, I squandered that opportunity in my late teens by making poor financial decisions. In retrospect though, it is going to be a good thing. God has already used me to be able to help some people with their finances, and for that I am grateful.

So for me today, it’s suit and tie. Sharp haircut. Clean shave everyday. Polished shoes. Big elevators, glass office buildings, new horizons, and new challenges. It’s stepping out of my comfort zone, to better fulfill the obligation that God has entrusted me with- to provide for my family. To my Pinnacle Family- Thank you guys for supporting me in making one of the scariest moves that I have ever made in my life. Thanks for enjoying my music, and putting up with my A.D.D. And to the staff there- Thank you for believing in me. To my the rest of my friends and family this is not over. I believe that one day, God will give me the opportunity to minister for him with music full time. It’s all about His time, for His purpose, in His will, for His glory, and For his renown. 

Today, I ask for your prayers. That everyday in this job, that God will keep me from temptation. That as a businessman, I will be above reproach. Pray for me that I can set the standard, and that people can look to the guy who calls himself a follower of Christ, and they would see a good example of a hardworking ethical man who sets the standard in the way of drive, excellence, and achievements. I pray that I can be Jesus to people who don’t know him in the work force. 

Thanks again for your prayers, and check back here daily for updates and creative thoughts.

For the Glory of God,

Josh Fowler

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Old Testament Vs. New Testament- What do we believe?

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So if this is your first time reading this Blog, I’d like to welcome you to more than just a blog- It’s a conversation. People learning and growing in what they believe, why they believe it, and how current issues affect us, and out moral stances. Last week, I posted a blog post entitled “Abortion- a very sad debate,” in which I criticized some extreme anti-abortionists on their methods of protest and demonstration. I accompanied it by a video that showed these people holding their signs, and when questioned about the consequences of of the females who went through with abortion, they didn’t have very good answers. I mentioned in the post that my stance was pro-life, but asked the question of what we were doing to meet the needs of these women who were facing the choice of keeping a child or terminating a pregnancy. This article led to many comments followed by some debate about abortion, life, theology, absolute truth, science, and faith. In the most recent comments, the article has shifted fro abortion to some of the latter subjects previously mentioned. That being said, I have decided to start a new post shifting the conversation to the subject of the Bible. 

Cara, a friend from high school, has chimed in on our conversation. She mentioned earlier that she was glad that she hadn’t been pushed to the side or alienated from the discussion because her beliefs are different. So Cara, if you are reading this, you are welcome! I always welcome the opportunity to have these conversations. I feel like it educates me, and also helps me to understand that if I believe what I say I believe, and truly follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, I will “love my neighbor as myself” which in a practical way in the situation of these conversations means that I am going to love other people, and engage in conversation with them, even if I do not totally agree with them. So here is the deal. If you are Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, hindu, Agnostic, New age or whatever. You are welcome to read this site, comment on what you see, and join in the conversation about faith, the Bible, and the supernatural. 

Before I present the next questions, it is important for any new readers to understand where I stand on these issues. Hopefully in knowing this, it will help you understand the reason behind the answer. Put quite simply, I believe in the literal person of Jesus Christ. I belief he came to Earth, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life, faced the same temptation that you and I face, died on a cross, rose from the dead three days later, and ascended to heaven. I believe that he is coming again one day, and that through the holy spirit, I have a relationship with him that can never be severed. Yea, this is all based on faith, and  what I believe to be truth through God’s word, the holy bible.

So here are the questions. Is it true that there are some things in the Old Testament of the Bible that no longer apply, or, that still do apply? Is everything in the New Testament applicable? What reasons to people have to believe that the Bible is the literal, inherent word of God if they are not Christians? I have been asked to give clarity to these issues. Because I am not nearly as trained biblically as I would like to be on this subject, I am going to invite my friends Pastor Dennis Thurman, Michael Seay (BA Moody Bible Institute) and Jonathan Blaylock (In school at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and Liberty University) to help answer these tough questions. 

Chime in fellas! For all those who had questions, enjoy. I will be commenting and moderating.

One final note to all who read and comment on this blog- Please remember that we are all human beings, and being such, we have feelings. And don’t give me that bit about the Gospel is offensive. I realize that. That is used to many times to excuse our harsh tones and arrogant attitudes. Please be civil. To all those who aren’t Christians, yes, I know that we seem like close minded jerks. I know you’ve had bad experiences at church and with mean people who don’t even know why they believe what they believe. However, I would like to think that my fellow Christians who read and comment on this blog would do so in love and for the purpose of bringing glory to our God, not self promoting or anything else, so if possible, try and stick around! Bottom line guys- just be nice, and everybody will have a great time!

Blessings and peace,


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Charge for ministry?

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In your job, what is more important to you? If you are a speaker, would you rather make $30,000 a year getting $500 per event, or $40,000 a year, getting less per gig, but getting more gigs because you are affordable?

Is it inappropriate for people in ministry to charge a price? Or, should we do a “love offering” taking a step in faith that God will provide our needs? 

Is charging for your services a way of charging for the gospel?

 People in Ministry please comment! I would like to see some feedback and discussion on this post. If you know someone who could read this, pass it on…


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Abortion: A very sad debate

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I started this blog a while back as a way to share my lighthearted thoughts on many different issues. With the inauguration of our new president, Barrack Obama, there has been an uprising of many liberal points of view, many of which have come to be considered mainstream pop psychology. This saddens me, because many people, especially in my generation adopt viewpoints without giving a second thought to what their point of view means. 

Before I continue writing, I would like to say that I am basically pro-life. To be more exact, I am 97% pro-life, and 3% pro-choice. Let me explain. 97% of the time, abortion is the result of an inconvenience. 3% of the time, it is something that is medically necessary to save the life of the mother, and this is where I believe that the choice of whether to terminate the pregnancy comes down to the mother or whomever is next in line. (Come on, if you disagree with that, I would question your motives in general.)

Today as I write, I would like to challenge the anti-abortionists. First of all, let me say that I agree with your cause, and I am on board with that. I am against, however, your less than appropriate graphics that you use to get your message across. I viewed an anti-abortion website today that had very graphic pictures of what a baby looks like after the abortion process. I was very disturbed. I was mortified. Even more, I was blown away that you would stoop to a level to manipulate someone into your decision using such tasteless graphics. This is terribly offensive, and I would encourage you to re-evaluate not only your methods, but our motives. 

The questions that conservatives and some moderates should be asking themselves is not how do we beat the liberals, but how can we educate people on the subject of morals and ethics while at the same time showing grace and love. Many women in this nation are tormented by their decision to terminate a pregnancy. What do you think showing them these graphic pictures does to them? Imagine the pain they go through!!! Are we dumb enough to think that these women experience no emotional toll? Are we that ignorant that we think when they leave the clinic they say to themselves “Oh well, that was fun… Well, off to get my nails done?” I hate that abortion was even invented and legalized, and  I’m not by any means defending them, their decisions, or the act of abortion, I am simply asking if we can be humble enough as Christians and conservatives to evaluate our motives and our methods. Could there be a better way? Are we doing this out of overflow from the love God has given us, with a caring attitude towards the broken hearted, or are we attacking violently because we got a fire in our rear-end from some James Dobson broadcast, where he was no doubt leading the charge of some lackluster, thoughtless plan of action that would continue to tarnish the name of Jesus and his church?

I would like you to watch the following video. Recently posted by a not only a pro-choice, but a pro-abortionists blogger, This video simply broke my heart. Listen to the question. What would YOU say? Why? Could you take part in these protests and show love? What are we doing to minister to the girls who are today faced with the choice of “Do I have the baby, or have an abortion?

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My aggression towards the bailout.

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Recently, someone forwarded me an email that someone sent them that was in favor of the bailout. The following were my thoughts on the bailout, specifically regarding the “big 3” automakers. The basic mantra of the email was that the patriotic thing to do in this time of crisis in our economy is to go get a new car from one of the big three automakers, and finance it, or even lease it! Also, the email stated that they contributed a total of 30 million between the three of them, to charity. Here’s what I had to say:


We’ll call him Jim

Dear Jim,

I feel like I should blog about this. I completely disagree with giving the automakers ANY money whatsoever. Actions require consequences. Period. Many people do not know this about me, but in march of 07, my Toyota Truck was nearly re-possessed. I was behind two payments when I was sent a letter stating that if I did not pay the full balance of 4,250 in ten days, the truck would be picked up because of defaulting on the loan. I called back, begged and pleaded, and worked out a bargain with them where if I paid the to payments that I owed, plus the current months payment, and the next month (a total of four payments) they would let me continue paying on the loan. I paid up, and they reneged on on taking the truck and graciously allowed me to continue paying on the truck for the planned life of the loan. I borrowed money from no one even though this put us in a very hard place financially. We had to make dozens of sacrifices. 

This showed me the harsh reality of where my lack of discipline with money, frivolous spending, and carelessness has landed me: a deficit of nearly 800 dollars a month, hardly any groceries, and some $100 pair of designer jeans. Not to mention the toll that this could have taken on our marriage. I called NO ONE to bail me out. (Keep in mind that there has not been one time in our marriage that Susan and I did not tithe at least ten percent. This was the beginning of the realization that Gods financial provision as promised in Malachi 3 never supercedes bad money management.) We sought financial counseling and it was recommended that we start the Dave Ramsey Plan. We jumped in head first selling the truck, nearly 1/4 of everything else we owned in a yard sale, started delivering pizza, and started knocking away debt tremendously very quickly. We are now closer than ever to being debt free, and even though I have not been hired for the position I have applied for yet, we are living on about $1750 a month, have $500 in savings, have food in the fridge. God honors us when we honor him with HIS resources that he has allowed us to be stewards over. 

Furthermore, the auto industry is the root cause of what I believe is the financial ruin of millions of people through the last 50 years. Practically anyone can get a loan no matter what their credit score is, or income to debt ratio for that matter. People get cars they cant afford, filling them with gas they cant afford, paying insurance premiums they cant afford. Add this to the fact that ANY car you drive of the lot that is less than 5 years old immediately depreciates 10-15 percent, not to mention the new cars that depreciate up to 40% even with all the fancy rebates. I would say that if you asked 100 people who faced some sort of financial difficulty, 90% or more would say that they had an automobile that was too much money for them.

To address the donations that the big 3 gave, which between the three of them add up to 30 million, doesnt even equal 1% of their entire profits from last year. This is sort of like the Pharisees who were praised for their large donations but looking over the woman who gave ten sheckles, I think. What was that for her, as I recall?  It was- one years salary! No ones any more impressed with this than with tiger woods donating 1 million to an orphanage. It is needed? Yes. It is generous? I dont think so. So, I do not praise the auto industry for their giving. I think its nice, but hardly sacrificial. I praise the family who doesnt know how they are going to make it the next week, with 4 kids, that joyfully gives 10% trusting God for the provision. 

If the big 3 didnt crank out another car for ten years, America would have an excess of automobiles to drive. This country became socialist when we did the bailout that 78% of Americans were not for. Ill never encourage bailing out someone for their repeated poor financial management, and for failing to release technology that would save our non-renewable energy. There charitable donations that the big 3 gave dont even come close to the amount of money that they recieved from big oil companies to hold back the current hybrid technology. 

This country needs to learn the value of a dollar. We as a society need to learn to live BELOW our means. If the big three fail, so be it. Maybe it would be a good time or self-examination, and returning, (or coming to, in may cases) to God. What a great opportunity for the church. The Bible is very serious when it says that The rich rule over the poor. The borrower is slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7. How much longer are we going to allow culture to tell us that in order to be accepted, we must drive the best? I will never be a slave again, God willing! Ill drive my car with nearly 200,000 miles on it that my friends shake their heads at. They ask why would anyone drive a vehicle like that? One of the most hurtful statements that I can remember someone saying to me in my adult life was when I was at my uncle Jeans house in Canton, and his rich arrogant friend looked at me with Susan standing there and he said If thats not a buy-here, pay-here car, Ill kiss your ass! At that moment, I wanted to key his new chevy, and then take a 2×4 to his knee caps. Of course I didnt do that. I told him that when am as old as he is, I wont have all the grey hair he has because I wont be in debt! Ill drive my piece of junk till the wheels fall off!

Jim, on this one I have to disagree. Giving to our country shouldnt be defined as buying a new automobile. Please dont give into the wave of culture that says it is the duty of the taxpayer to bailout big companies for their bad money management. 

Hope this didnt come across too strong, because I dont mean it ill-willed. However, this is something that I am very passionate about. I would love to know your personal thoughts on this.



So, what struck a NERVE with you this week?

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Interesting thoughts on the future of worship in the church.

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This morning, as I was reading the posts from my twitter site, I was reading some of what Scott Wagner had written, (I am a follower of his on twitter, which if you don’t use twitter, you need to check it out here.) Anyways, as I was reading scotts post, (or tweets, I think as some people call them,) I came across his son and my friend, Austin’s blog. Now, I don’t talk to Austin on a regular basis, nor do we have our cell numbers in each other’s phones, but Austin and I have played together a couple of times, and Austin is a young man that I consider beyond his years both in playing and in his walk with God. I read what Austin wrote, and for your convenience, I have posted it below: (Which I just figured out, he got from another site. Still, very profound.)

What is the future of worship?

In general, I believe the future of worship is really getting back to what worship truly is.  We have settled into this 4-5 song “worship” set with an offering song and an invitational song.  Why do we have to be so structured?  Why can’t there be change?

A definition from WordNet 3.0 says: “Love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol.”  Worshipping through music provides a way to express our emotions.  The lyrics speak to how we feel about God.  They are meant to show how much we love him.  We don’t need a big production to worship God.  We don’t need a huge band, orchestra, or choir.  We don’t need all the lighting equipment and sound equipment.  We can worship without all of that.  We can worship with only our voices.  This doesn’t mean that all these things are wrong, they are just not a necessity.  Sound and lighting equipment allow for a larger number of people to worship together, but are not a foundation for worship. 

We get so worked up over all the technical aspects of worship that we miss the whole entire point: this is praise for the God who created us.  This is my biggest struggle with worship today.  Because I play drums/percussion, I want everything to be musically perfect.  I want the technical things to be right.  It’s very hard for me to get past that.  (There is something to be said about preparation and having the talent neccessary to perform and lead others in worship.  You cannot get up on stage to lead others and worship and not know anything about your instrument.)

To go back, why can’t there be change?  Why can’t we add something new to worship?  I remember at places I’ve played that we’ve spent so much time worrying about making everything so perfect that we forget to bring in new music.  We push off new songs because they’re not at a high enough quality.  They’re not perfect.  Does it really have to be perfect?  In most instances, people playing at a church are volunteers, not professional musicians.  And more importantly, it’s not a concert.  You’re not charging people to hear you play music, so in general, they won’t leave if it’s not perfect music.  If they do, well they weren’t there for the right reasons. 

Stop worrying about perfection and just worship.  Be authentic. It’s amazing to see people’s reaction to someone who is truly authentic.  People just worship full on. Some of my best worship experiences have been, if I’m playing, when I feel completely unprepared because I just go in and worship.  I just give it to God and play for him.  I’m not worried if I didn’t play everything perfect.  I worshiped.  If worship leaders just worshiped instead of stressing over details, amazing things could happen.

So when will something change? 

When we will stop putting on a show for the “audience” and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

(Before I say anything, the following thoughts are not all necessarily the thoughts and beliefs or North Point Community Church, or it’s partners, staff or attenders.)
Ok, so here are my thoughts on this. I agree with the premise of this post. I think that we need to realize what true worship is, and understand that when all the fluff his gone, it is about worshiping a holy and sovereign God, and being fully vulnerable to him and what his will is for us. 
But here is something else I am thinking… What does the future of worship look like for non-believers? Now, I know what you’re saying… You’re probably saying “Josh… Are you hearing yourself? Non-believers can’t worship!!” Well, I partly agree with that. I believe that they can’t experience true intimacy with the true living God in their sinful state, but the truth is that we all ascribe worth to something. It could be our job, money, or even some sort of addiction, but we all worship something. Coming full circle back to the question, what DOES the future of worship look like for non-believers. Allow me to give my thoughts. 
I go to a church that is very heavy on professionalism, production, and the fluff, if you want to call it that. It’s not that we put emphasis on it, but we do use it as a tool to create irresistible environments where people can bring their unchurched friends. We’re not seeker sensitive, seeker driven, seeker aware, or seeker anything for that matter. We kinda can’t stand that wor, seeker, because if you think about it, none of us really seek God in our sinful state, he seeks us. Dead people don’t try and figure out how to come back to life. So, anyways, our environments are designed to allow everyone to have a unforgettable experience on Sunday mornings. For believers, that could be great worship. For the “non-churched,” that could be good music. Either way, it reaches both. The believers walk away saying that that really experienced the presence of God. Non-believers walk away often saying that they liked the service and want to come back, some even saying that they can’t explain why. (I would say that’s the work of the holy spirit.)
We put this high emphasis on excellence because we feel that God is honored when put our best foot forward. When we are prepared, the spirit of God works. Does he need our help? Absolutely not. But funny enough, the holy spirit often shows up when we have done our homework, and the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. 
With all of that being said, what could we do differently? Is it bad to approach worship from an all-inclusive standpoint? Is it wrong that while good music can be used to connect to God for some people, while for others it’s just good music, and a sweet environment? And while we’re on it, does the future of worship only include music? Is it possible to have another form of self expression that we can use to connect with God that could unite hundreds, thousands, or even millions to a new level of worship?

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Conviction, magic, and steel guitars

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Just a few of the words that describe my Sunday. Explain that title, you say? Well, here goes

Con·vic·tion- (kən-ˈvik-shən) Function:noun

1: the act or process of convicting of a crime especially in a court of law 2a: the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth b: the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth3 a: a strong persuasion or belief b: the state of being convicted.
So,let me put this in the proper context for you so that you can understand where I am coming from. You see, I am a Christian, which means I have an eternal (forever) lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. My personal belief is that his death on the cross paid for all the sins that I have ever committed or ever will commit. (Ok just bear with me a second, I’m not going totally old school here.) So, if Jesus paid a price for my sins, then that means I was bought for a price, and I owe a debt that I can never repay. So, what does that mean? My relationship with God is not something I earned or deserved. I can never be anything great on my own merit. For me to be anything, (or anything that God called me to be) I have to accept the gift of salvation, or in better tearms, enter the relationship with my heavenly father that God has called me to. (Yes, God really did draw me to him) So what does this have to do with conviction? When we accept God’s gift of Salvation (Which by the way wasn’t free, there was definitely a cost, we just didn’t pay it, and there is even more of a cost. Paul refers to it as picking up your cross and following Jesus,) the holy spirit lives inside of our soul, and points out stuff in our life that has no place being there. That is conviction. You know, that feeling deep inside when you let the guy who cut you off in traffic absolutely have it! Or, when you go to that site, and look at that thing you know you shouldn’t look at. Or what about those things you do when no one else is around, that you can manage to forget about, yet if everyone knew about you would be horribly ashamed? Conviction. CONVICTION. Don’t run from it, embrace it! It’s of God. Should we live in guilt? No, but can it be a good thing? ABSOLUTELY!! So if we were having this conversation face to face, I fel like your next question would be “Josh, what is it that YOU’VE been convicted about?” at which point I would look at you and say “Well gee freakin thanks for asking me that on my blog where the whole world can read it!!” (Just kidding, sort of.) You wanna know what I’ve been convicted of? Well here goes. The things I say when no one is around. The way I address my wife when I lose patience. The illusion that I display when I’m in front of the cool kids. My “cuss words” that “really aren’t that bad, because after all, who made them bad?” ) To me, that’s kind of like asking the question “who told you that you were naked?” My challenge to you is that you would not run from conviction, but that you would embrace it. Step into the light. Step out into that place that God wants you to live. Jeff henderson said it correctly when he said that (and I paraphrase) “God didn’t come to die for the illusion of you, he came to die for the real you.”
2.) Magic and steel guitars- At North Point yesterday, I saw one of my good friends, Earl South, do some great stage magic. Actually, have a look at this freak of nature for yourself:
As far as the steel guitars are concerned, another good friend of mine, Jeremy Moyers played steel guitar in the worship set yesterday at Buckhead church. You can check him out at
Well, that’s about all I’ve got for today. Would you mind leaving me a comment and telling me something that God has convicted you about?
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Check this out.

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Just want to give a shout out to my brotha from anotha motha Michael Seay. He is very new in the blog world, but has some very great great thought. You can check his blog by clicking here. 

Times are a bit slow right now. Music gigs are coming and going, and yet the economy keeps getting worse and worse. Since moving to Alpharetta, GA a few weeks ago, my wife Susan has been unable to find any steady work. She is working as a Nanny for a very nice family, and while that’s a lot of fun, and they are great people, we just aren’t going to be able to make it on what she is making now. Not only that, but in the long run, she just doesn’t want to be a Nanny. She didn’t suffer through four years of college and basically almost get two degrees just to be a Nanny. So with that being said we went to a job fair this morning. I ad planned on accompanying her, but since I had nothing to do, and I was looking to get some extra money myself, I thought I would go to and submit my resumes in a few places. OK, so not only was this the biggest waste of time ever, we drove all that way, and basically no one was hiring or excepting resumes. What in the heck is up with that? Well, we didn;t get a lot accomplished, but Susan is hoping that she might get at least one call back from it. Just pray!!!! Not only for her, but pray for me that I will have more musical opportunities. It’s all about networking and paying your dues, and that is exactly what I am doing right now. 

Now as far as the weight loss pictures. Well, They are coming but we are trying to get our digital camera in working order before that can happen. But I will keep you updated. Just as a refresher, and as a way that I am letting all you readers keep me accountable, I will repost all of the figures and pics for you to see all at the same time.

On a new thought- there is a new wave of discussion that is coming up in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) about Calvinism, Arminianism, John 3:16 and everything in between. Now, I am not into engaging in mud slinging debates, but I want to hear what your opinions are. Here are the rules: I don’t want to see statements like “well if I were God I would…” or “Well I know what the Bible says but….” or “The Bible says this, but it what it really means is [Something totally opposite of the real meaning]. Once I get some comments, I will tell you what some of my view are and why I believe that. Do some research on these types of theology, and then read up on some scripture.

Alright folks! That’s all I got for today… Talk to you very soon!


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