And thus begins a new chapter in my life.

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To my friends, family, my old church family at Pinnacle, I am asking for your prayers. Today begins a new and exiting chapter in my life. I will be doing the very thing that I didn’t want to do after I moved to Atlanta. Today, I re-enter the full time work force.  Not at a church or with a band, but with a Marketing firm here in Atlanta, Dynamic Marketing Concepts. Many of you know that I moved to Atlanta five months ago with the hope and desire of playing music full time. Apart from the will of God, there have been a few different things that have inhibited this from happening. First and foremost, I think it’s the economy. As a keyboard player, I am usually the first thing to get cut from a band, and the last thing to get added. Secondly, I haven’t been apart of the church I go to now for very long- 5 months; the time we have been down here. My church is intentional about creating great environments and using the best talent that they have at their disposal. Being that I just haven’t been there a super long time, as other players have, I haven’t received many chancess to play or lead worship yet, but opportunities are always growing. Some of you know also that I have been approached by a church to be their worship pastor. This is something that I am still considering, but God has not brought clarity to the situation yet, therefore, Susan and I haven’t moved yet. We are quite content serving where we are. Don’t forget also, that there was a chance that I could get a call back from Richie McDonald to play with him, but this too didn’t happen.

So you wonder… If I were asked by someone, anyone, “Josh, do you think you failed? Do you think you made a bad move by leaving your comfort zone and everything you knew to move somewhere to take a chance and doing what you love full time?” To that I would say absolutely not. I don’t believe I have failed. A pastor that I respect very greatly, Pastor Steven Furtick,  said this- “It’s better to take a risk and fail, than to never take that jump, and wonder what could have been.” (That’s a Josh Fowler paraphrase.) So, I do not think that I have failed at all. I think that God is not through with me, and in some ways, he may be just beginning. Am I going to be doing the thing that I am MOST passionate about for a little while? No. At least not on a full time basis. Am I going to be learning a lot, and continue to be shaped daily by my creator? Absolutely! My journey in music and ministry isn’t over, and in fact, I’ll still be doing it part time with a few outside engagements a year. Right now, though, I have to focus on paying off debt. Debt is what has inhibited me from being able to do music in a full time capacity. Take note- God’s word isn’t messing around when it says that “The borrower is slave to the lender. You cannot serve both God and money.” It’s true, and nothing reenforces that point more that when you don’t have any work, but the bills still continue to pile up. Sometimes when you do something risky, you have to be able to not make any money sometimes, and be OK with it. Unfortunately in many ways, I squandered that opportunity in my late teens by making poor financial decisions. In retrospect though, it is going to be a good thing. God has already used me to be able to help some people with their finances, and for that I am grateful.

So for me today, it’s suit and tie. Sharp haircut. Clean shave everyday. Polished shoes. Big elevators, glass office buildings, new horizons, and new challenges. It’s stepping out of my comfort zone, to better fulfill the obligation that God has entrusted me with- to provide for my family. To my Pinnacle Family- Thank you guys for supporting me in making one of the scariest moves that I have ever made in my life. Thanks for enjoying my music, and putting up with my A.D.D. And to the staff there- Thank you for believing in me. To my the rest of my friends and family this is not over. I believe that one day, God will give me the opportunity to minister for him with music full time. It’s all about His time, for His purpose, in His will, for His glory, and For his renown. 

Today, I ask for your prayers. That everyday in this job, that God will keep me from temptation. That as a businessman, I will be above reproach. Pray for me that I can set the standard, and that people can look to the guy who calls himself a follower of Christ, and they would see a good example of a hardworking ethical man who sets the standard in the way of drive, excellence, and achievements. I pray that I can be Jesus to people who don’t know him in the work force. 

Thanks again for your prayers, and check back here daily for updates and creative thoughts.

For the Glory of God,

Josh Fowler

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10 Responses to “And thus begins a new chapter in my life.”

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God Has a Plan a big Plan, You are just not supposed to see it yet. But around the next corner will be one you never expected and around the next one will be a smile, then love.. Hold your head high. Enjoy the ride.. enjoy the ride. Because before you know it, you will realize that you had your eyes closed and missed it..

Very best to you, bro. Give it your all. It’s worship.

You never fail when you step out in faith and follow God. Hang in there, He has GREAT things ahead for you…

Go “make tents” man! Do it for the glory of our Creator!

Praying for you and Susan. What are you going to be doing at Dynamic?

Wishing you well in this next step, Josh. You know good things will come of this!

Sometimes God’s plans are not our plans but we all know His are best. Excited to see how God uses you both. Love & prayers!

You and Susan are two of the bravest young people that I know. I believe you will look back one day and see that your courage to step out on faith and take the risk of Atlanta was the turning point or starting point of something awesome. You’ve shown that you are willing to take the risks, not tied down by what feels comfortable, and mature enough to think through an opportunity without compromising your values. I wish you the best with your new job – you never know what doors it may open and how God uses the things you least expect to make ‘the plan’ happen.

There is a reson I found myself thinking about you guys so much. If only you knew how God has used you and Susan in my life. I remember the first time I saw a note in your office “Josh, who are you blessing today??” That has made such an impact on my walk with the Lord. One of my sayings is “EYES ON GOD?CONTINUE THE JOURNEY.” In closing I feel I must share something that I learned at THE WELL this past Thursday. Every Chrisitian has a converyor belt that they go through and regardless of where you are God is the Shield that you need Him to be. You see Josh the shield is very important during a battle if you didn’t have the right shield on that could cost you to loose the battle not to mention your life. Remember Josh whatever you are going through God is the shield that you need at that second/moment. Always remember Gods hand is reaching down. Your in my prayers and thoughts.
Your sister,

God is there.

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