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Check this out.

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Just want to give a shout out to my brotha from anotha motha Michael Seay. He is very new in the blog world, but has some very great great thought. You can check his blog by clicking here. 

Times are a bit slow right now. Music gigs are coming and going, and yet the economy keeps getting worse and worse. Since moving to Alpharetta, GA a few weeks ago, my wife Susan has been unable to find any steady work. She is working as a Nanny for a very nice family, and while that’s a lot of fun, and they are great people, we just aren’t going to be able to make it on what she is making now. Not only that, but in the long run, she just doesn’t want to be a Nanny. She didn’t suffer through four years of college and basically almost get two degrees just to be a Nanny. So with that being said we went to a job fair this morning. I ad planned on accompanying her, but since I had nothing to do, and I was looking to get some extra money myself, I thought I would go to and submit my resumes in a few places. OK, so not only was this the biggest waste of time ever, we drove all that way, and basically no one was hiring or excepting resumes. What in the heck is up with that? Well, we didn;t get a lot accomplished, but Susan is hoping that she might get at least one call back from it. Just pray!!!! Not only for her, but pray for me that I will have more musical opportunities. It’s all about networking and paying your dues, and that is exactly what I am doing right now. 

Now as far as the weight loss pictures. Well, They are coming but we are trying to get our digital camera in working order before that can happen. But I will keep you updated. Just as a refresher, and as a way that I am letting all you readers keep me accountable, I will repost all of the figures and pics for you to see all at the same time.

On a new thought- there is a new wave of discussion that is coming up in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) about Calvinism, Arminianism, John 3:16 and everything in between. Now, I am not into engaging in mud slinging debates, but I want to hear what your opinions are. Here are the rules: I don’t want to see statements like “well if I were God I would…” or “Well I know what the Bible says but….” or “The Bible says this, but it what it really means is [Something totally opposite of the real meaning]. Once I get some comments, I will tell you what some of my view are and why I believe that. Do some research on these types of theology, and then read up on some scripture.

Alright folks! That’s all I got for today… Talk to you very soon!


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Tapestry Church

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Today, I had my first experiece leading worship at a church called tapestry church. Man it was a blast! They are a startup church in Cartersville, GA, and are doing some realy great things. I had a blast hanging out with their pastor Richard Sims, and their teams were great, too. The band was great, the set was fun, and their people really got in to it.

The band was Snow on drums, Randy Harper on Electric, and my good buddy Earl South on Bass. We opened with Coldplay’s Lost!, and then when into worship with Salvation’s Chorus, You Are, and My Chains are Gone. 

I know this was short, but be on the look out tomorrow when I post measurements, weights, numbers and God forbid pictures. 

Have a good one!

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Two very bizarre things:

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First off, I saw this on Ried Greven’s blog, who found it on ragamuffin soul:



Secondly, I came to the realization this past week that I am overweight. Not just a little, but waaaayyy overweight! I weigh 218 Lbs!! holy cow how did that happen? So here’s the deal. I am on a quest for a lifestyle change. Andy Stanley gave an awesome message this past week on private disciplines. he mainly talked about giving, and while none of us give what we need to, I think my wife and I have mastered the 10% that God asks of us. It’s other areas of my life that I really need discipline: (Not in any certain order)

-Physical Body Maintenance

-Relationships (God & My wife)

-Musical abilities (Honing in on what God has given me)

So for your reading enjoyment, (and even for a few close friends to make fun of me[Michael Seay],) I am going to post some of my weight loss progress, and pictures. This is the main discipline that I wil be focusing on. You’ll see the whole nine yards. 

Here’s a few of my starting measurements, just for shock value. I am 5’8″, 218 Lbs, with a total BMI of 32.7% Wish me luck! I got nowhere to go but down.


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On this Day, 7 years ago, I was a junior in high school. It was a normal morning in my high school career. Nice day outside, and I was in P.E. class. It was our free day, and so we were doing what we al enjoyed, playing basketball. I’m not sure what time it was when my PE coach heard the word of what was going on up in NY, but I knew it mst have been serious due to the fact that he stopped our game to tell us what was going on. As we were playing, he walked through the side of the gym pushing one of those old bozy TV’s on wheels. In his own redneck way he said “boys, come on over here and look at this.” He turned on the TV, and I saw one of the twin towers burning. At that time there was only one burning, and I’m not sure that the media had confirmed that it was a terrorist attack. They obviously knew that I plane had crashed into the towers, but there was only suspicion of a terrorist attack. We watched in horror as various journalists narrated the shocking events that were going on in front of our eyes. Our eyes were glued to the TV and within a short time, we saw the second plane hit the towers. We were all in shock. What was worse- One of my classmate’s mothers was working in the pentagon at the time. Simply unbelievable. I couldn’t understand why this was going on, and really still can’t.

Looking back at that day, I still really can’t understand it all. None of my family was involved. I never kissed my mom goodbuy only to never see her again because she worked in one of those towers. I never hugged my firefighter dad the morning of this attack only to learn he saved many lives, but wasn’t able to make it out alive. I never had that last phone conversation with my brother or sister, or even my best friend, and said to them “alright, we’ll see you later,” never thinking that would never happen. The sad truth is, most of us in the US never experienced this situation on 9/11. I wish we could all stop in our day and remember these heroes, and their families. What they went through was unimaginable. Let’s stop today and say a prayer for them.

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Good place to be

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You would gather that from the title of my blog, I am talking about my new location in Alphareatta, GA. Well let me tell you, it is VERY cool, but that’s not what I am talking about. I’m talking about where I am in life. In a lot of ways, I am in a real scary place. In other regards, you might describe my situation as even exiting or humbling. Some who know me well say that I am in a spot where I have positioned myself really well. To tell you the truth, I am felling all of these things and more. Let me explain:

Scared out of my mind: When Susan and I were praying about making this Jump, we had a lot to consider. Playing music for a living can be a hard and a risky thing to do. Money (and gigs) are sporadic. Some of them are me leading worship at various churches. Others are playing with a cooperate band, or recording Artists. Sometimes, I am blessed to be able to do my own thing, but those times right now are few and far between. I’m sort of in a building phase when it comes to that. But right now, there is a lot up in the air, and Susan and I are having to rely more on God than we ever have. That’s a little scary. (I know, I know, it shouldn’t be, but if you’ve ever been where I am, you know how I feel!0

I am exited: I am networking with a lot of new people, and when music opportunities come available, I take advantage of them, and try to work very hard to do a good job. I’m at a new church, in a new town, in a new house, meeting new people, in a great big city… Who wouldn’t think that is exiting?

Humbled: I realized that I am not near as good of a musician as I thought I was. There are so many other people with knowledge far beyond mine, with crazy chops and a boat-load of experience to top it all off. I know that I can get the job done, but now I’m in a city with a whole lot of other people who can really get the job done too! In the words of Ed Young Jr, time to go to an HNL (Ho Nutha Level!)

In the words of another great pastor, Bishop TD Jakes, Susan and I fell like we have positioned ourself to receive God’s blessing on our life. Atlanta is a great place to be where opportunities abound. Even though we fully intend on giving this our best shot, we realize that it’s up to God to do with us what he wants. We believe that no matter how hard we try, there are times when we are just going to drop the ball no matter what, but our success even in those weird times is confirmation that God is who he says he is. Sovereign, holy, and in control. No matter what. If there is one thing that I have learned in the past two years in ministry, it’s that God really is in control. Despite our victories, and failures, we are his creation existing to give him glory, and created to worship him. (Sorry, didn’t mean to go over spiritual with that)

So yeah. I think we’re in a good place. But if we could ask anything, it would be this: That you keep us in your prayers. Pray that no matter what we do, we’re always giving it everything. Pray that we strive to keep God in the center of what we do. Pray that we continue to try to hone in on the abilities that God has given us, and that in this new stage we are in, we would be malleable and teachable. 

Thanks to all you guys that read this. Stay tuned! I will be updating regularly…


Phil 4:6&7

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I’m back!

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Wow! I really have missed writing. SO, for the 4 or 5 of you who read this with any amount of consistency, thank you very much! Everyone else, welcome to my blog! 

Well, looks like Susan and I have finally arrived to our home here in Alpharetta, GA, and we’re beginning to get used to things. Atlanta Traffic is pretty crazy, but some weird side of me really like that. So, I’m sitting here is Starbucks right now, sipping my pike place, surfing the net, and enjoying life. Don’t worry. This won’t last long. Reality will hit and I will realize that I don’t have any money, and then I’ll go deliver pizzas or something just so I can survive. 

I had a blast playing the keys for Richie McDonald the other night. I heard that there were 40,000 people there when we played. Pretty cool, huh? I had the chance to ride the bus with him, and really get to know him. He’s a great guy. 

This will be my first Sunday as an attender of North Point Community Church. I am exited about going to church there, and I hope that I can eventualy get involved in there music program.

Well, that’s about all I have for today. 

Talk to you soon,


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