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Hello world!

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More to come. Till then, Check out these great websites:

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God is doing great things in mine and Susan’s life. We are moving to Atlanta, (Long Story) and for now, I am taking a pause on the blog. I will let you know when I’ll be back. There are some changes coming down the pipe.


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Ever feel…?

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Okay, It seems like it’s just one of those days. You feel unproductive, stressed, overwhelmed, somewhat lazy, tired, happy, depressed, and everything else under the sun. Well, that’s what I feel like today. I know that some of my pentecostal brothers and sisters would tell me that I just don’t have enough joy in the Lord, or my faith isn’t big enough, or “No one that has Jesus in their heart should feel that way!” BTW- I have plenty of Pentecostal friends, and not all of them are loons. And just so you don’t think I’m a cynic, I know they say the same thing about me in all my weirdness. But anyways, it’s just one of those days for me. One thing is that I haven’t had my medication in about 3 weeks, and I can say with no hesitation that it has all finally wore off. That’s like depriving a heart patient of their medication. Like my brain, it will eventually just start flipping out. All that to say: I freakin need my meds!

Pray for me,


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I am alive

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Yeah, I am alive. No, other than the fact that I lost my password, I don’t have a good excuse for not bloggin in forever. Well, I guess it has been a bit busy. Anyways, I hope you are doing well. So here’s the deal, I would give you a rundown of what my vacation was like, where I’ve been, and what i’ve done, but that is exhausting to me. So, I’ll tell you what’s been going on MOST recently.

1.) I realized that the longer I’m married, the hotter my wife gets.

2.) God is doing some really great things in the Creative Arts Department here at Pinnacle. We are having a cookout this Saturday night which I am really exited about.

3.) Me and one of my best friends, Michael Seay have had a chance to re-connect recently over a good Hardy’s hamburger. Michael, who is my accountability partner, is probably reading this right now. I would like to think of Michael and myself as the Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin of the next 20 years. We’re in a holding pattern, though. Neither one of us can do anything until we are 30. Crap! I hate the thirty year rule!

4.) My wife is hot.

5.) Christianese phrase of the day- “Slain in the Spirit” Tell me where in the flip this comes from in Scripture. I think if I hear one more person say this I’m gonna sucker punch them with a lead pipe. (Not really, It just kills me because no one who is a fan of this can explain it to me with any scriptural backdrop) Evidently this is when your in a worship service and some preacher knocks you in the head, and you’re out cold for no apparent reason (At least not one anyone can explain to me) and this gets you closer to God. Yeah cause Jesus did that a lot, right? Don’t say this around your non-christian friends. This will turn them off REAL quick.

6.) This random day in history- We bombed hiroshima. ouch… Maybe I should have left that one alone?

Have a great day, all you bloggers livin’ at your moms house wearin’ Pajamas! ©2008 Mark Driscoll/Michael Seay Used by permission sort of.


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