Casual Fridays

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In a lot of businesses that are “businssey,” (Yeah I said it) many of them call their Fridays “casual Fridays” because it’s the last day of the week. A day to dress down a bit. To let your hair down. Everyone knows at the end of Friday comes the weekend, and for many people, at least one of those two days is spent relaxing. That’s what were gonna do today. No issues to discuss, and no current events. Just a casual friday. Recently, a band that I was with did a promo video and I had the privalidge of being involved. The band is sort-of a soul-blues-rock project that does things a little different. If you have ever heard the song “hard to handle” by the Black Crowes, (Who are from Atlanta, by the way,) you will love this version that our band did. The video work is a lot better than the sound, but the band had very little rehearsal, another had to leave early before the filming started, and I had a fever! Well, anyways, I’ve got a cool wurley solo in here. I have posted the video for your enjoyment. Tell me what you think. Did you like our arrangement?

What are YOU gonna do this weekend?


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5 Responses to “Casual Fridays”

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LOVE IT! good on ya! keep up the good work! and just to let you know, my email is wrecked! Blame Yahoo! I cant reply to emails but I can receive them! I accidentally deleted the one with the link to your church, if you could send that again, I would love to send you my opinion!

Good music, dude! Thanks for sharing the vid. I like. Really like the old school mics 🙂

Bernard- Fixed the link

Cara- Sent you the email again, but just in case, the link to the video is

And the link to the website is

Go ahead with yo’ bad solo 😛

I’m so proud of you!

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