Obama: our new president

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Well, we now have a new president. I know that there are many people in this nation who are elated about this. Some are saddened. No matter how you feel, today was an unbelievably historic and monumental day in the life of our nation. I myself am interested to see what this “change” he brings will be. I am not skeptical though. I know, as you should know, that according to the Bible, God is who has allowed him to be in power. As our president, he deserves our full support, and our prayers, so long as his laws don’t violate God’s laws. 

This is what I am committing to president Obama:

1.) To pray for him

2.) To support him

3.) To not engage in Jokes that would only show my own ignorance.

4.) To respect him.

What are YOUR convictions about Mr. President?


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6 Responses to “Obama: our new president”

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Agreed (especially about the jokes). He is our president. God has placed him in power. Being judgmental is not our place.

Is his stance on abortion already in violation of God’s Law?


Absolutely. I believe that his stance is in violation of God’s law. I don’t support that, nor will i ever. However, I do believe that it is possible to support someone, yet not support their stance on an issue. For anyone that would argue against that, I would tell you to take a hard look to when you were a teenager. Think about the things that you did that offended God and your parents, yet your parents still supported you. I don’t believe that we have to lock arms in agreeing on all subject, but the fact is, he is now in power, and he is our authority. That can’t be debated.

An interesting side note on that… I was approached with this question yesterday and it brought new perspective to how I view some issues. I say again that I am still pro-life-

Let me ask you the question- Suppose two candidates are running for president. One of them is pro choice, while the other cares nothing about widows and orphans. Is it possible to say that one is more guilty than the other, thus presenting the question, which one would you vote for? Why? Could you back it biblically.


interesting…i will respond more later….have a lunch meeting…thanks for blogging…gives me something to do during the day.

I like Pres. Obama’s ability to speak in front of crowds. I believe he is a strong leader and without a doubt will lead our country. I disagree with most of his stances on moral issues and many social policies. I will commit to pray for him and not make jokes about him. I will respect him since he is our president and obey laws set in place by this administration, but will not support him. To support Barack Obama would be in my mind would be like supporting a fire that was burning down my house by throwing a can gasoline on it.

The analogy of a parent supporting a child can’t hold water in this situation. As a stand alone analogy I can see its merit, but we are talking about a president and his people, not a kids and a parent. And to say that we should support Pres. Obama b/c he now has the authority and that this fact can’t be debated is false. Almost everything can be debated and should be at some point, especially politics.

What I was saying can’t be debated what the fact that he is now in office and he is our authority.

I respect and understand what you mean by not supporting him. I guess I just come from the perspective that asks how you can truly respect and pray for someone without supporting them?

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