The hardest I’ve ever laughed.

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Ok, So I am not sure why this is, but I think that people getting mildly to moderately injured is one of the funniest things ever. I have found, however, that women usually do not find this sort of thing funny at all. But if you are someone who finds the temporary pain and suffering of someone else due to clumsiness, acts of God, friend’s carelessness, or stupidity, read on. I would personally file this one under the “acts of God” category. Let me tell you, if YOU could have been there to see it, you would’ve thought that it was an act of God as well.

So somewhere in the neighborhood of about 8 years ago, I was a skinny, dorky, acne covered white boy who really wasn’t athletically gifted, but nevertheless enjoyed sports. I guess I’m still skinny and dorky.. And A.D.D. Well anyways, at the time, I went to a church in Candler, NC called Pole Creek Baptist Church, and the church had just hired a new youth pastor, Ryan Kilby a couple of years earlier. Ryan hadn’t been at the church very long, (maybe a year or so) when he began taking us on winter retreats, fall weekend things, summer camps and so forth. By this time, I think me and my buddies were juniors, possibly seniors, and we just loved any opportunity to get away and hang out. There were five or six of us that when it came to our youth group, we were virtually inseparable. It was me, Travis Campbell, Derrick McCarson, Nick McCoy, Clint McCoy, and Wes McCurry. As a group, most of us had very little in common, but we were united by our love of laughter, especially Travis, Derrick and I. I can’t even tell you some of the things we laughed at. We had more inside jokes than I can remember. Everything from stupid gestures, to weird voices, to… anything. We could find any and everything funny. Rarely were the three of us ever together when we weren’t laughing at something. 

So here we were, away for the weekend, enjoying our free time. One of the coolest things about this particular location that we were at was that it had a pretty decent gym. It had lots of basketball goals, and plenty of room for everyone to spread out and do their own thing. Ryan had just found the key to the closest where all of the basketballs and other equipment were kept. As soon has he opened the closet up, we realized that there were plenty of items to keep us occupied, not just basketballs. There were jump-ropes, rubber balls, (the kind that you barely nudge with your foot and they launch like 50 feet) and all kinds of other stuff that I really can’t even remember. As the closet door opened, most guys went to grab a basketball. Not me. I sucked at basketball, and still do really. In fact, to say that I suck at basketball would be the understatement of the year. So I grabbed the kickball, and began to kick it. Against walls, back to myself, to others, ect… 

So let me set the scene up for you. I am on one side of the gym, still playing with a kick ball. About half of our youth group had went somewhere else to hang out, so suddenly the gym felt more spacious. Derrick, who was great at basketball, was down on the other end no doubt practicing his near perfect form, and right across from him on the other side of the court was Nick McCoy. Nick was a different guy. He wasn’t the best looking kid in our grade, but he sure thought he was. Great guy, but could give tiger woods a run for his money when it came to cockiness. (O yeah, he played golf a lot too.) So here I am just randomly kicking this ball, when for some reason, deep down inside, I feel the inner urge to announce to Derrick what I was getting ready to do. I yelled across the gym “Hey Derrick, check this out!…” 

*******(Now I promise, I am not fabricating the next part of this story at all.)********

Derrick briefly stops what he’s doing, only to look over and see me kick this ball harder than I have ever kicked any ball in my life. To this day, I’m sure David Beckham would be proud. The ball left the end of my foot propelled though the air with the accuracy of a missile, missing literally dozens of rafters and A/C ducts in the ceiling, coming back down, and NAILED, NAILED, N-I-A-L-E-D, Nick McCoy right in the face!!!!! I mean RIGHT IN THE FACE. Derrick and I both immediately lost our composure! I remember Derrick taking off in a very brief, dead sprint before falling on the ground and laughing so hard uncontrollably that saliva began to drip from his wide open mouth. Nick of course thought that this was on purpose and wanted to kill me, which was even funnier, because Derrick and I both knew that with my athletic ability (or lack thereof) there is no way that could have ever been planned. In an attempt to show you what that moment was like, I found this video on youtube, and have posted it for your enjoyment. (It’s only 4 seconds long)

So what’s the hardest YOU’VE ever laughed?


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2 Responses to “The hardest I’ve ever laughed.”

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That story is freakin hilarious! I hit a guy in the head with a football once from like 50 yards away. Intentionally. He was not pleased. But I have never forgotten. 🙂

Josh, I think the hardest I have ever laughed, which by the way is a tough call, but I’m pretty sure in each instance you were probably the subject of my laughter! So, with that I in mind, I won’t share any stories!

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