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On this Day, 7 years ago, I was a junior in high school. It was a normal morning in my high school career. Nice day outside, and I was in P.E. class. It was our free day, and so we were doing what we al enjoyed, playing basketball. I’m not sure what time it was when my PE coach heard the word of what was going on up in NY, but I knew it mst have been serious due to the fact that he stopped our game to tell us what was going on. As we were playing, he walked through the side of the gym pushing one of those old bozy TV’s on wheels. In his own redneck way he said “boys, come on over here and look at this.” He turned on the TV, and I saw one of the twin towers burning. At that time there was only one burning, and I’m not sure that the media had confirmed that it was a terrorist attack. They obviously knew that I plane had crashed into the towers, but there was only suspicion of a terrorist attack. We watched in horror as various journalists narrated the shocking events that were going on in front of our eyes. Our eyes were glued to the TV and within a short time, we saw the second plane hit the towers. We were all in shock. What was worse- One of my classmate’s mothers was working in the pentagon at the time. Simply unbelievable. I couldn’t understand why this was going on, and really still can’t.

Looking back at that day, I still really can’t understand it all. None of my family was involved. I never kissed my mom goodbuy only to never see her again because she worked in one of those towers. I never hugged my firefighter dad the morning of this attack only to learn he saved many lives, but wasn’t able to make it out alive. I never had that last phone conversation with my brother or sister, or even my best friend, and said to them “alright, we’ll see you later,” never thinking that would never happen. The sad truth is, most of us in the US never experienced this situation on 9/11. I wish we could all stop in our day and remember these heroes, and their families. What they went through was unimaginable. Let’s stop today and say a prayer for them.


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