My blogging niche?

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People find their niche in very different ways. Stevie Wonder, for example, never gave music a thought until a teacher he knew called him one day when she lost a mouse in her room. She absolutely could not find it. Being a very witty woman, she knew she could call on Stevie to help her find that mouse. You see she appreciated the fact that because he had lost one of his senses, he had four more that were heightened. He may not be able to see the mouse, but he could definitely hear it. Needless to say, He found the mouse. When he himself began to grow in awareness of this heightened sense, he very quickly picked up piano and became one of the biggest American pop sensations in history. He found his niche.

The moral of the story: There isn’t one. But isn’t it inspiring? I’m not a professional blogger, but I am looking to find something that sets my blog apart. So, I thought about it. What are two things that set me apart? Number one, I’m A.D.D. Not just a little, I mean chronic. It’s a wonder I can function sometimes. I have more crazy ideas running through my head than a 14 year old A.G. kid at the inventor’s convention. Seriously. I’m really spastic and random. What else sets me apart? I hate, hate, HATE it when Christians live in Christianville, USA. That’s where they live in their Christian homes, driving their Christian vehicles, wearing their t-shirts (not that I REALLY have much against those, it’s more how they’re worn), they go to the first presbamethabapticostalic church, and oh….. You guessed it… They speak my favorite language… Christianese!! Again, if you want to know what Christianese is, you can view a real life, uncensored, written by the world, there you have it definition right here. I hate Christianese. Why? It excludes people who don’t know God, or don’t go to church. (It’s what makes people hate “Christians.”) So how does this all come together? Let me bring this plane in for a landing.

My good buddy (For anonymity reasons, we’ll call him Bob,) helped me find my blogging niche. What’s my niche, you ask? The random, Christianese blog. Yes that’s right. I’m going to try an experiment. Every weekday for the next month, I am going to write about two things in addition to my other thoughts. It will be the Christianese word (or phrase) of the day, and “This random day in history.” Yes Bob suggested this to me today after discussing my blog. Now before we go any further, I want to say this. I am going to be exposing, and discussing some real life terms and phrases that all of us church goers just love to say. Problem is, this “language” in which we’ve invented, could hurt your influence on a non-Christian. I often times may link to pages, which contain examples of these “Christianese” words and/or phrases that could be offensive. No more offensive than what you would find on network TV past nine o’ clock at night, and I know you watch that. So don’t blast me for doing this. If you would blast me over my Christianese busting, and then turn around and watch your favorite weekly drama, I would question your authenticity as a person anyways. And if you don’t keep up with culture through some form of media like the internet, radio or TV, WAKE UP! How do you plan on influencing people who are far from God if you can’t even relate to them? Also know that I don’t endorse the major networks, MTV, Urban Dictionary, or the like. However, you better believe I’ll use one as an example!

So, that being said, enjoy. Hope this stretches you, as well as entertains you. Thanks again Bob for your valuable insight!
“Random Christianese” © 2008, “BOB” All rights reserved.


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