Twitter, and other random thoughts.

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Twitter… Is it the new wave sweeping the nation, or merely a short lived urban trend that will die in less than a year? Is it both? You decide. Before you say anything. Check this video out here about Twitter. Then click on the red highlighted bar near the top right hand side of the page that says “watch video.” It’s not a waste of time. It’s a new way to get to know people in a deeper manner. You can even update it from your cell phone… for free…. Not a waste of time… It’s an investment into the lives of your friends. They will see the real you. Just watch the video and you will see..

Also… I can’t decide on a blog template that is right for me. Do you like this one? Does it make me look fat? Just kidding… But in all seriousness: does anyone know of a good place to get a decent blog layout?

In other news- Saturday, June 21st, there is going to be a concert at the Asheville Civic Center. Playing there will be Jeremy Camp, Avalon, and the ever popular Jaci Valesquez. I have to be honest. Although I am a worship leader, I am not the biggest fan of Christian music. I think a lot of it stinks, but on the other hand… Who I am I to judge? I don’t have a record deal….. yet. But anyways, I think these three are pretty dang good. Not all my favorites, but they are definitely good. There is no doubt about that. Why am I exited about this concert? Well the thing is, clear channel is hosting this event. While they are in charge, they aren’t making any money on this. The concert is to benefit my friends at the WNC Rescue Mission. During the concert, they are going to be showing a special video of a project that they are working on called “My night in a box.” It is the opportunity for people to spend one night outdoors, sleeping in a box, so that they can fully appreciate what a homeless person would go through on a cold night alone. What a great idea. Cool thing about the video is that the song in the background is “broken,” which is the title track off my new CD. If you haven’t heard the CD, you can check it out by going here. It’s also available on iTunes by searching “Josh Fowler.” That may not excite you very much, but as a new artist, anywhere I can get my music out is a win for me! I’m absolutely thrilled.

So what’s been the highlight of your week? Anything good going on in your neck of the woods? Let me know I would love to hear.

By the way did you get the book yet?

Have a great day!


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google it!! lol– I googled for a good template. “blogger templates” is what I googled– I think. Anywho– I ended up going with — just make sure wherever you go that you look at the blogger templates and not myspace or xanga or anything. 🙂 Also, when I add a new template, it takes off any changes I’ve made to the current one. The biggest thing was that it took away my blogroll, so remember who is on it, cause you’re probably going to have to redo it.

And as for the best part of my week… I have this amazing husband who is just so awesome about everything he does. I love him so much and HE is the highlight of my week! 🙂

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