How to Win Friends & Influence People

Posted on June 10, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Great book. Check it out- It’s by Dale Carnegie. If you work with or in a church, I highly recommend it. I am reading a chapter or so a day, and trying very hard to apply it. When I get presented with personal challenges, such as the ones that I am reading in this book right now, I begin to understand what kind of person I am. Now, I know that I am my worst critique, but, I realize that I need to grow immensely in the area of organization and self discipline. Some hard truths that I have realized this week: I spend way too much time watching TV. Maybe not even too much time, but I think that it is sad that I have no problem giving Jay Leno an hour of my time, but I struggle sometimes just to get in the word. Also, I now know the reason I didn’t make it through college. It wasn’t because it was too hard, or I had two part time jobs, or the girls I met, or any of that. I attribute it solely to the lack of self discipline. As I grow older, i realize that there are some things in life that you have to do. Sometimes they suck. I can’t pretend I’m this guy that school just comes so easy for, or just put on a pretend face and act like I’m happy about it. For me, college sucked, and so I dropped out. That said a lot about my character at the time. All that to say,- Self discipline is something that I am still working on hardcore. I deal with it everyday. I deal with it when I know I need to give my best to God, no matter what the situation is, how much I like or don’t like it, and if it makes me feel good or not. Now before I go on, please don’t take this post wrong. I am not railing myself and all of the bad qualities that I have, I am just speaking to you with a very sincere heart, hoping that something I say will spur you on to a greater level of self discipline, and re-alignment of priorities. I have had a huge shift in mine this past week… What about you?

OK enough of that. Let me give you a Sunday recap. This past Sunday at Pinnacle was spent in awesome worship, and a conversational message about money and how we spend it- A subject that is very near to the heart of God. Wanna learn more? Click here.

Here was the lineup:

Opener- All because of Jesus- Fee

You Are- Todd Fields
No Other Name- Todd Fields
How Great is Our God- Tomlin

The band: Brian Barnett, Rick Ingle, Danny Jackson, Danny Buckner, John Klinger, Scott Foster, and Me. Fun stuff!

Tomorrow night, I am leading worship for the students here at Pinnacle. It’s going to be a blast!

Well, that’s all for today.



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