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Yesterday was a great day at Pinnacle Church. We had a huge amount of guests, and had some rockin’ worship! Lot’s of fun…

I got so much going on right now.. I mean, do you ever just feel tired? If you are a computer programmer, do you ever get tired of programming? What if you’re a sales rep…. Ever get tired of selling? Well, I am a Creative Arts Pastor. Let me tell you… I’m just a little tired of being creative! 🙂 It’s not the job, or the people, I’m just tired. And not just that, I’m just tired in General. I can’t really say I’m just tired of being creative. I’m tired of editing videos, playing music, sticking to a schedule, playing racquetball, keeping my room clean….. Anything… I am just worn out!!! Now, I know that feeling will pass soon. Just need some rest, and a little rejuvenation. I think a vacation isn’t too far around the corner. I’m not sure I’m gonna go very far. Maybe I’ll take up golf. One of my good buddies told me last week that he used to think that golf was just the biggest waste of time. “Now that I play golf,” he says, “it’s still a waste of time, only now I love it!” So maybe that’s what I’ll do!

That’s all for now…


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Golf is awesome. It will be 3-4 hours that you honestly can forget EVERYTHING around you. Golf is the only game I know of that isolates the player so thoroughly without conscious intentions. Highly recommend it, but don’t play for score. Play to glorify God. Seriously. Praise God with a nine-iron just like you praise God with a keyboard. Praise God in EVERYTHING. Nothing is a waste of time if we are truly, honestly, and genuinely doing it in worship to God.

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